3 Safe & Efficient Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

Forget invasive surgery and fad diets that leave you in pain, feeling unsatisfied, cranky or worse, do damage your health. Instead, opt for natural and effective solutions, from ingredients to alternative therapies, that have been tried and tested to help you reach your goal. Yes, it’s possible. Here are three easy ways to achieve a slim and tone silhouette.


It is important to note that not every diet out there is safe, health-wise, especially in the long run. After all, there are only so many boiled eggs or bowls of cabbage soup one can have. Yet there are still so many who persist in following fad diets — South Beach, Atkins and Dukan, to try to shed the pounds.

The problem with such diets is that while efficient, they are only a temporary measure as each mainly consists of weight loss due to unhealthy, unrealistic calorie restriction and water weight loss. So if you’re looking to keep the weight off for good, find a healthy weight loss programme, which includes eating right and exercising.

More importantly, when it comes to finding the best solution for you, it’s always wise to do your research before starting. Ask the right questions to equip yourself with the knowledge to ensure that whichever diet plan you’re embarking on has been tested and proven to produce long-lasting results and without any harmful side effects. When in doubt, seek professional help.

But dieting is only half the battle won. Sometimes, a helping hand can be useful in boosting the weight loss effects. And this is where a combination of non-invasive, natural procedures backed by science and technology can help yield better results.

One such procedure to try is the LPG Endermologie. A natural alternative to fat reduction and weight loss, this treatment stimulates the skin cells to tone the skin as it targets fat, smooths away unsightly cellulite, reduces water retention and swelling, and even promotes a general wellbeing overall.

In addition, its new and improved patented Alliance treatment applicator is now able to target and treat specific troubled spots such as the arms, back, stomach, waist and thighs, while adapting to different skin types, making the treatment safe and comfortable at the same time. This in turn, delivers better and faster results in a shorter span of time.



When it comes to losing weight, many often turn to quick fixes such as slimming pills and meal replacement drinks. While these solutions might produce results fast, the downside is that they may also contain harmful ingredients and chemicals that come with undesirable side effects that can cause long-term damage to your health.

So just as you would diligently research on diet plans, you should do the same when it comes to other weight-loss solutions too, because your health safety should be of utmost importance — Remember the Slim10 case years ago?

The good news is that the LPG experts have done the research and hard work for you with its 14-day Express Slimming Concentrate, the LPG Minceur. Tested and proven to not only be effective, but safe as well, this slimming concentrate uses a unique formula that combines the action of five plants, caffeine and L-carnitine to help you burn fat in a healthy manner. And when combined with LPG Endermologie sessions, the effects are further enhanced.

The proof lies in a study done by Professor Lafontan, it showed that the Cellu M6 technology that targets multi-dimensional and optimised tissue mobilisation during the LPG Endermologie treatment is able to loosen the fat pockets, making them easier to be broken down and eliminated via the body’s natural waste elimination processes. And together with the potent cocktail of ingredients in the LPG Minceur — Kola to burn the fat that has been released during your LPG Endermologie session, Ash and Elderberry to encourage the body’s natural detoxification processes to eliminate the fat and waste, Blackcurrant to control the weight and Green Tea promotes metabolism and fat oxidation — the results are fast and long-lasting.



For some, weight loss plans might even include invasive surgery. While truly the most effective option, the cons greatly outweigh the pros as invasive weight loss surgery is not only expensive, but it also often comes with immense pain, a long recovery period and all the other risks that are linked with any kind of surgery. And even then, it isn’t a 100 per cent solution as leading a healthy lifestyle after is also key in keeping the weight off.

So instead of going under-the-knife, there is a simpler, less painful option. The LPG Endermologie is a state-of-the-art programme that harnesses patented, painless technology to help you achieve a trim and svelte silhouette.

The mechanical massage action of the applicator acts as a “helping hand” to stimulate and re-awaken the cells naturally to nudge them into maximising their potential, making this treatment 100 per cent natural as it doesn’t introduce any external chemicals or electrical current.

This in turn, encourages the natural release of excess fat, including stubborn fat that have been resistant to physical exercise and diet. But what sets the new and improved LPG Endermologie treatment is that you’ll no longer have to worry about choosing between slimming or firming benefits. In fact, clinical studies done have shown that you’ll see visible results in just three sessions, from firmness, a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and a trim waist at the same time.

Remember, weight loss plans do not have to be difficult nor painful. It can be simple, effective and most importantly, safe for you. And when combined with a healthy lifestyle — eating right and exercising regularly, you can achieve the body you desire with ease.

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