Fitter at 40: A personal story on body tightening and slimming with LPG Endermologie

A mum of two, and a self-professed foodie who exercises regularly, Joy Chua was frustrated in her fight against flab and cellulite.

“After turning 40, I began noticing changes in my body,” says Joy.

“My skin was looser, my cellulite was obvious. I was wobbly and it felt harder to lose weight.”

As we age, our metabolism slows down and women’s estrogen levels drop, which in turn leads to a series of changes that increases hunger. Due to these changes, weight loss gets tougher over time.

Anyone could benefit from a bit of help in getting from flab to fab at all ages, especially those among us who find it hard to maintain a normal weight no matter how much we work out or watch our diets as we age.

Enter tried-and-tested treatments like the patented LPG Endermologie, a targeted slimming technology from the world’s capital of beauty — France. As Joy discovered, the non-invasive treatment improves your body’s own lymphatic drainage ability through a state-of-the-art lipomassage. The treatment had helped Joy zone in on her problem areas, tightening loose skin and reducing cellulite.

Watch the video and learn more about Joy’s body transforming journey with LPG Endermologie. Want to experience this no-downtime, natural treatment for yourself? Simply book for a personal session with LPG Endermologie today!

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