Fitter at 40: A personal story on body tightening and slimming with LPG Endermologie

A mum of two, and a self-professed foodie who exercises regularly, Joy Chua was frustrated in her fight against flab and cellulite. “After turning 40, I began noticing changes in my body,” says Joy. “My skin was looser, my cellulite was obvious. I was wobbly and it felt harder to lose weight.” As we age, […]

Top 10 Weight Loss Myths: BUSTED!

Ready to shed some pounds after indulging in one pineapple tart too many over Chinese New Year? Or is shaping up a top resolution for 2019? While it may be tempting to try out that fasting diet that keeps popping up on your Facebook timeline, or snap up books on How To Lose Weight In 7 […]

3 Safe & Efficient Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

Forget invasive surgery and fad diets that leave you in pain, feeling unsatisfied, cranky or worse, do damage your health. Instead, opt for natural and effective solutions, from ingredients to alternative therapies, that have been tried and tested to help you reach your goal. Yes, it’s possible. Here are three easy ways to achieve a […]

Your Ultimate Guide To Battling Body Fat

All you need to know to reduce fat and get the body you desire. Ever wondered why you can’t seem to see any difference in your silhouette even after months of dieting or working out at the gym? Or perhaps some body parts do not ever seem to slim down, no matter how hard you […]