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LPG® Endermologie

Made in France, this patented technology stimulates dormant cellular activity within our skin to fight all wrinkles, sagging skin, localised resistant fat, cellulite appearance, and more. 100% natural and painless, it provides visible results instantly with zero side effects.

BEST FOR: Cellulite smoothing, fat reduction, firming of face and body.

Body 45 mins $190 (U.P. $300)
Face 45 mins $190 (U.P. $300)
Beauty In A Set – Body 5 Sessions $950 (U.P. $1,500)
Beauty In A Set – Face 5 Sessions $950 (U.P. $1,500)

EpiCell 4-in-1 Renewal

Originating in South Korea, this popular treatment is not only pain free, it delivers results in just one session.

BEST FOR: Anti-ageing, brightening, revitalising of face.

Face 60 mins $88 (U.P. $190)
Beauty In A Set 5 Sessions $950 (U.P. $1,570)
Inclusive of:
– 1 × EpiCell 4-in-1 Renewal Facial (worth $190)
– 1 × Sharplight Glow Facial (worth $280)
– 1 × PURE Skincare Set (worth $150)

Bulgarian Rose Radiant Facial + Hot Stones Massage

A 5-step healing facial using the luxurious Energy Rose Pure Oil, and a pampering session made complete with a deeply relaxing rub-down for the body.

BEST FOR: Firm and hydrated skin; relieving tense muscles and improving blood circulation.

Face & Body 150 mins $298 (U.P. $460)
Beauty In A Set 3 Sessions $894 (U.P. $1,380)

Dr Ice Body Contour

Monopolar energy penetrates up to 5cm deep, targeting skin and subcutaneous fat, increasing your metabolism and instant inch-loss results of up to 3cm.

BEST FOR: Cellulite trimming, weight loss.

$88 (U.P. $150)
Beauty In A Set 10 Sessions $1,000 (U.P. $1,500)

Deep Tissue Massage

Therapists apply firm pressure in slow strokes to reach deep into muscle layers, targeting stiff, tight and sore spots.

BEST FOR: Relief from chronic muscle pains, post workout aches, enhanced mobility.

Body 60 mins $88 (U.P. $140)
Beauty In A Set 5 Sessions $700 (U.P. $1,020)
Inclusive of:
– 1 × Deep Tissue Massage (worth $140)
– 2 × Body Scrubs (worth $180)
*All rates before GST and taxes.